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Wide range of water pumps for your needs

At Peter Dolan Water Systems of Worcester, MA, you'll get high-quality water pumps from leading manufacturers for a price you'll simply love. You'll be spoilt for choice when you browse through our large selection of water pumps with different features and functions.

You'll get top-notch water pumps that include artesian water pumps, commercial and residential water pumps, new pumps and more. Call 508-752-2661 today!

Affordable water systems for you

A poor-quality water pump system may be less durable and can result in frequent repairs. At Peter Dolan Water Systems, you'll get high-quality reliable water pumps for all your needs. You'll be amazed at the quality of water pump products we have for you.


What's more - all our water system products are pocket-friendly and won't break the bank.

Superb customer service

We're a family-owned and operated business committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We always keep it simple and no third parties are involved in our work. Our professionals at Peter Dolan Water Systems carry over 35 years of experience.


Rely on our professionals for quick, reliable, and affordable services.

Superior Quality Water Pump Sales

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